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We provide music for ballet classes. Our music can be used by ballet students and teachers, professors and simply lovers of classical ballet in any age group and experience level. The author of this musical composition – Elena Baliakhova – has been working with ballet dancers for the past 20 years.

Elena Baliakhova began her pianist career at the Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia, where she worked as a staff accompanist. The academy holds a very special meaning to Ms Baliakhova, this was a place where she learned the delicate art of accompanying ballet dancers of all levels. Elena was soon after invited to the Kirov (Marininsky) Ballet to work with the principal star performers and Corps de Ballet. Currently Ms Baliakhova accompanies dancers at the Boston Ballet and the Walnut Hill Academy.

Here is what Elena Baliakhova wrote about this special musical composition.
“I have excelled at my work through numerous experiences playing to ballet dancers and working with Ballet Masters in Russia and the United States. I am very thankful for this experience and would like to pass it on to you”.
“When selecting the musical materials for students, I set out with a goal to showcase a clear rhythm. To pass on a very defined character of movement through musical phrase, which helps ballet students improve on and perform very precise exercises”.

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